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Hilton Court

We have closed our doors to the general public.

We continue to be a wedding/event venue and campsite with new & exciting ventures in the pipeline.

Packed with wild flowers, meandering paths, trickling streams and a fine sprinkling of wildlife, Hilton Court Gardens are a place to learn about plants, to marvel at nature, to relax in a beautiful setting, or to have a wedding or a well earned coffee and cake.

The sounds of splashing water and the smell of pleasant fragrances celebrates the sacredness of nature and provides a place for quiet contemplation. Wildlife surrounds you as you walk along bridges and boardwalks around the ponds and through the trees.

A wide variety of experiences are offered through its diverse gardens and facilities that help to reconnect people to nature. Pure natural bliss. Season tickets are available so you can drop in whenever suits you!

“We wandered around spellbound by all the beauty around us, ponds, trees, flowers, beautifully kept and such a delight, it made us happy and joyful all day.”