About us

We are a small family run business consisting of Cheryl, Peter and daughter Rachael running 8 acres of gardens, campsite, wedding venue and various workshops and events throughout the year.

Peter and Cheryl bought Hilton in 1977 and after having spent years making the house habitable they started on the gardens in 1990.

Everything had to fit in with what they had- a blank canvas with a 300 year old woodland as a back-drop. So the transformation from fields and bog to tranquil gardens began. After digging out 3 large ponds, planting 3500 trees, numerous shrubs, plants and bulbs we feel that we have created not just a natural haven to all wildlife but also a place to escape within nature and enjoy it’s beauty.

Over the years Hilton has expanded and grown and the gardens have changed dramatically to the present day which now look as if they have always been there. It is amazing what can be achieved in a relatively short time and hopefully we will inspire more people to look at their own gardens and habitats encouraging them to preserve and enhance what they have.

We evolve and change each year always working alongside the natural environment and enhancing what we have.  So from run down Manor house to a rebuilt Victorian courtyard into a thriving tourist attraction we are now running a tranquil adult only campsite, wedding and event venue.

Ponds Woodland