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Ponds and woodland

We have closed our doors to the general public.

We continue to be a wedding/event venue and campsite with new & exciting ventures in the pipeline.

Hilton Court’s ponds and woodlands are a hidden gem in St. brides bay. Nestled at the top of Nolton valley, protected from the prevailing winds the gardens have created their own microclimate, or microeden as we like to call it.

The gardens features a series of tiered ponds surrounded by luscious woodland. With meandering paths exploring all corners of the beautiful 8 acres, each time you return you’ll find something new. Waterlilles flourish and enhance the beauty of lakes and ponds as well as provide habitat for other forms of aquatic life. The woodlands surrounding Hilton provide the shelter it needs to create this unique wildlife pocket, which chatters to you as you drift around.

From the smallest pond to the largest lake, this biome provides many opportunities for life to thrive.